I unfortunately had to delete the Contact information on this page since no one could take the time to fill out the Questionnaire page. 

Please take the time to write more than a sentence when contacting us...we would like to know more about you and your experience with Australian Shepherds. IT is very important to us where our puppies go. We take each family under consideration as we expect that we will have a life long commitment to you and your dog from us.

In addition... if you ask a question and the answer is on this page we will more than likely not respond. It takes us a lot of time to update information so that you know whether or not you want to invest your time in getting a puppy from us.

We are very sorry for being this way, but we are getting 3-4 emails a day and sometimes even more. 

The holidays are approaching and an email simply saying "I would like a Christmas puppy" will not suffice in a response from us.

Thank you for understanding.

Have questions? Contact us.

BriarRidge Australian Shepherds | Suffolk, VA 23434

If you're looking for some basic information and not interested in a puppy right away, please fill out the form below. If you are looking for a puppy from us in the near future, please fill out our questionnaire

Please do not message us with questions that are already answered on our Available Page or throughout or website. We take a lot of time to put the information on our website for your information so that we do not waste your time or ours.‚Äč 

Some commonly asked questions... Here are the answers...

  •  We do not sell Mini's. The Australian Shepherd comes in one size. Any deviation in the name of the Australian Shepherd such as a "mini or toy or teacup" is not an Australian Shepherd. Those are not purebred Australian Shepherds. They do have Mini American Shepherds and you can search the web to find breeders on there. We ONLY raise Australian Shepherds.

  • We do not place dogs or puppies on requests for eye color and/or coat color. (i.e. blue merle female with blue eyes). There is simply no way that I can guarantee that puppy's temperament will be a good fit for the lifestyle of your home. That specific blue merle puppy may be a little bit more reserved and not outgoing like the rest and your family may have an active lifestyle or a puppy to do performance with. That puppy will in turn not be so suitable for your home and then you will have the hard part of wanting to return it which will be tough on your family, the puppy and on us trying to find a new suitable home. 

  • Our dogs do not have tails. Please do not ask us to leave them on because that cannot or will not happen. And surprisingly a lot of ours are born with short tails or NBT's! If you really want a dog with a tail similar to an Aussie perhaps look into the Border Collies. 

  • We are not a pet store and we don't have hours of operations for you to come play with our dogs and puppies. This is our home and our dogs are our pets. If you are interested in a future dog from us, we are more than happy to have people that we have spoke to come by and meet them or come by to see puppies when they become of age. We do not just let people come over whenever they feel like it.

  • Please do not ask us for a discount. I cannot begin to explain how much time, energy, and money is invested into taking care of our dogs, showing our dogs and raising a litter from before they were born until they leave our home. We do not have litters very often and that money from those litters gets recycled right back into the dogs. Are puppies begin at $2500. I do not change the price for eye color, coat color or sex. They are all raised the same from before they were born until they leave to their new homes.

  • We do not sell any dogs with breeding rights. Only dogs we allow to retain breeding rights are dogs that go to show or performance homes which is extremely rare. 

  • All of the dogs are the same price regardless if you do not need their registration papers.

I will add on to this list as I get more emails. 

‚ÄčThank you!
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